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Thursday, April 28, 2011

iPod Apps 2

My new favorites are Kingdoms at War, which can also be played online, Pocket Legends, which is on both the iPod/iPhone and Android.  Also Future Combat, made by the same people as Kingdoms at War.
Kingdoms at War is a game where you create a kingdom to battle with other users.  You join a clan and do wars and Plunder Wars, which is designed to help you grow very fast. 
Pocket Legends is another MMO, which is fully 3D.  You choose between a bird archer, an Enchantress, and a warrior.  The best class in my opinion is the Enchantress, which is the mage class.  What you do is lvl up, put stats points into your classes stat.  If you really wanna be a good class, be a mage, and lvl up archer stats.  Then you use Bows and magic.  It owns.
Finally Future Combat is exactly the same as KaW.  Biggest difference is the Currency Worth.  100,000 in FC is like 1 million in KaW.  I hope you try these games out.  They are all very fun.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top Games of the Year (2010)

The games of the last year are very good, in my opinion.  If you agree or disagree to any of these, just comment as an anonymous user.  I hope you agree with these choices though lol.  The best download game of the year, which is also agreed with by Xplay, is Limbo.  It is a black and white game, that has a freaky spider as a boss.  Very scary game lol.  The best RPG, in my opinion, is Fable 3.  Nothing compares to it lol.  The greatest game (I'm skipping a lot of stuff here) is definitely Final Fantasy XIII.  I may have hated it, but it still is the best game of the year.  I have hated all Final Fantasy's that came out after X.  Hated that game, and it ruined the games for me lol.  But it has to get best game of the year.  That is my current list for greatest games of the year.  If you want to see all the category's, go here:  read and love the list lol.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Blogger

Hurray!! I am an author of a blog!!! I would like to thank Lyrandar for this wonderful opportunity. lol. I will make sure to make qualite posts after this one lol. Sorry Lyrandar. If you have anything you would like me to post about, email me. :) Oh and Lyrandar? I dont plan on joining the forums lol. Sorry.

Friday, January 7, 2011

What do you think?

What do you think about the idea of a new Zelda game?  When Twilight Princess came out, they said it would be the last one of the series.  Then Phantom Hourglass came out and everybody loved it.  So they decided to come out with a sort-of sequel (which Phantom Hourglass was a sort-of sequel as well, to Windwaker for the Gamecube) to Phantom Hourglass:  Spirit Tracks.  I haven't played the game too much, but it is supposed to be really good.  Anyways, a few months ago, Nintendo's Shigeru Myamoto announced the release of the newest game in the series, The Skyward Sword.  It is to be released some time in 2011.  It is supposed to be a sort-of sequel to original Zelda game for the Wii, Twilight Princess (also a sort-of sequel to the game Ocarina of Time, but has no relations to the first sort-of sequel to Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask).  This game has great graphics, and if you want to see a trailer for the game, I will post a link on the forums.  If you haven't noticed, the Zelda series tends to have alot of sort-of sequels.  There has been lots of games to this series that were basically sequels, but in a way they had very few relations.  The Phantom Hourglass had only one relation, the fact that Tetra was in the game, as well as all the pirates.  I guess you could say the graphics were the same as well, but you know.  Then Spirit Tracks has Tetra as well, but I don't know when you find out that she is Tetra.  The other likeness between them is that the pirates are there as well.  But they are slightly different.  Twilight Princess is supposed to have been set generations after Ocarina of Time.  And Majora's Mask was the closest to a true sequel.  It was pretty tragic in the beginning though.  I hated the fact that the Skull Kid drowns Epona right away.  Another likeness is that there is an Ocarina, and the songs are alike as well.  There is a Song of Time, and several other ones that are from the game before.  The Gameboy Color games, Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons were basically clones of each other.  But I actually quite enjoyed those two games.  The only Zelda game I didn't like, that I played, was The Legend of Zelda:  II,  Adventures of Link, which originally was for the NES, but was remade for the GBA.  It was OK, but extremely hard.  It was one of those games that you really have to try to beat.  If you don't have any patience, I suggest that you DON'T play this game.  But if anyone reads this, either comment on it about what you think about the prospect of a new Zelda game, or post on the forums the same thing on the Zelda Thread.  Link:  I hope, if you have a Wii, you can get this game and tell me about it.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CES 2011

Several new products will be showcased at the CES in Las Vegas.  Vizio will be releasing a Smartphone and a demo Tablet.  The Smartphone will have a 4 inch, high resolution screen, and the Tablet will have an 8 inch high resolution screen.  The Smartphone's camera will be 5 megapixel, with HD Video Taping.  Both have a touchscreen.  Both also run on Android network and have a front facing camera for video chat.  Both Vizio's Via Phone smartphone and Via Tablet will have a 1GHz processor and a MicroSD card slot. They will have 801.11n WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.  These little gadgets will be released for sale in the US in the summer.  Prices are to be announced. 

Toshiba now has an Android Tablet as well. 
This will reportedly use the Nvidia (Nasdaq: NVDA) twin-core Tegra 2 processor, like its predecessor, the Folio 100, which was shipped to Europe in November. Also like the Tegra, it will support 1080p HD video, but it will have a higher-res display -- 1,280 by 800 pixels.
Further, the new tablet will have a 5MP camera on the back and a 2MP camera on the front.
The new Toshiba tablet will reportedly have regular-sized HDMI and USB connectors as well as a mini-USB and an SD card slot. Toshiba said it will produce a WiFi version first, and add in Bluetooth and GPS later. The device will reportedly ship in June.

Whether Lenovo will live up to reports that it will unveil two consumer tablet devices, one of which might be dubbed the "LePad," is similarly unclear. 
The tablets will be targeted at consumers at multiple price points, Nick Reynolds, a global marketing director of at Lenovo, apparently told IDG News.  Details will be released at CES 2011, Reynolds said.  However, queries to Lenovo elicited a refusal to comment on the grounds that the device was not announced.

Information gotten from following site:

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ipod Apps

If you have an iPod touch, here are some must get games:
Jetman, a game that is actually on facebook.  It is pretty fun.  If you have ever played The Helicopter Game, you will enjoy this game.
Zombie Farm, is a game that is really just a bunch of crap but is really addicting.
IMO:  The World of Magic, an MMO that is fully 3d and is very enjoyable.  You pick between a Mage, Warrior, and Ranger.  I picked the mage becuase I enjoy my magic lol.
Tap Tap Revenge 3, a guitar hero like game that is unbelievably addicting.
I have others that are really fun but I forget them.  I will get back to them later, probably on the forums.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Epic Gifts

I got the greatest gifts of all time for X-mas (not really, but close). I got an iPod touch which is what I am using to write this. I also got a ds i which I posted on the forums with. This is about to die, so I am going to cut this short. See ya later.